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  • Movement Type: Patented numeral drum quartz movement

  • Case Size: 52mm

  • Case Thickness: 30-38mm tall depending on inner customization

  • Case Material: ABS

  • Bezel Type: Fixed stainless steel

  • Crystal Type - Lens: Sapphire glass 1.5mm double dome top

  • Crystal Type - Display wall: Mineral 1.5 mm sapphire glass from Great Lakes Glasswerks Inc.

  • Dial Face: Durable 304 Stainless Steel

  • Dial Face Thickness: 0.5mm

  • Face: Precision Chemical Etching (-/+.001″)

  • Face Print: Precision Laser Etching (-/+.001″)

  • Band Type: Cross hatch

  • Band Material: PU

  • Band Length: 270 mm

  • Band Width: 24mm

  • Band Clasp: Adjustable buckle

  • Weight: From 70 to 90 grams

  • Water Resistant: 5 ATM/50m waterproof but don’t take this watch swimming please

  • Battery Life: 1-2 years

  • Battery Code: LR44

  • Certificate: CE ROHS, REACH, NICKLE FREE

  • Gender: Unisex

  • Inner Workings: CNC aluminum combined with customized watch parts, jeweled watch bridge and motion activated jeweled balance spring


Q: Wow! Chrono Lab watches are really tall and big. Do you break it or hit it on anything?

A: Actually, the answer is no. I thought at first I would. I put a small round rubber O-ring around the glass on top. I would bump the glass on a few things here and there when I first started wearing it. The O-ring protects the glass from an impact. Each watch comes with 3 rubber O rings that you can just put on but eventually I'm so aware of it now I don't hit it on anything. I've taken it twice to Disneyland and it survived fine. I've never broken a watch glass yet.


Currently I have several Invicta watches which are near 3/4 to 7/8  inch thick and they weigh an incredible amount. Chrono Lab watches are slightly taller than that, but don't have all of the weight. Watches like Movado and Cartier even the new Apple watch are very thin. People have different tastes and styles they prefer. The concept of Chrono Lab watches are not meant to go sky diving, swimming and/or go skiing, etc. They are out and about on the town watch to get lots of attention. Some people may put them on a display case as a part of their watch collection. Please do not play baseball, football, basketball, etc. with Chrono Lab watches on. Leave them on the bench and get all the attention there.


Q: Are these for women?

A: I hope so. The size may intimidate you, but Chrono Lab watches are for everyone. I have not landed the perfect idea for a female yet but coming soon, I hope.


Q: Does it tell time?

A: Yes, it does. It is a drum watch. It has the hours and minutes. Also it has a demo mode so you can push the button and for 10 seconds or so all the drums will turn. But please remember, Chrono Lab is not necessarily about time. It is a display case of your personality on your wrist.

long speck watch.jpg
Demo mode in action
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