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Chrono Lab’s custom page presents unique watches handmade for each personality. Every person has a story and we make a unique watch to help show yours. Here are some examples and their stories behind these watches.


This watch is a perfect fit for his story and personality. Mike surprised him with this watch as a gift in September, 2020.

steve 2.jpg

From Steve Chezaday:

What time is it? It’s Twinkie-Break time! Twinkies have been part of my show since the late 80s. We’ve been throwing them in the audience for no apparent reason in the middle of my show. It’s all been part of the fun of our legendary rock ‘n’ roll magic act.

What’s funny is after all these years people might not remember which Illusions I performed, but they do remember the Twinkies. I’ve found many fun, Twinkie-themed items over the years, but nothing as unique as Mike Michael’s custom made time piece.

steve pic 1.jpg


This watch is a perfect fit for his story of his hotdog company . I presented this watch to him in October, 2020.


From Mike Michaels

I worked for a video rental company back in 1986. I was fired for cooking hot dogs out behind the store using a overturned shopping cart. I had built a fire under it and grilled hot dogs on the chromed sides of the cart. I really wanted hot dogs that day. We filmed the event because it was funny, but the owner found the tape even though it did not show our faces and figured out it was me. Who else? I got fired. Evidently, Bob Remington was the camera man that day. Somehow, I had an influence on him with my desire to be in show biz in Las Vegas and he was always on the lookout for me but did not track me down until late 2018. That's 32 years later. Here is the email I received that day from Bob.

Hello Mike,

This is out of the blue, but did you work at Screenplay Video in Littleton, CO around 1985? I used to work there with you. If you are not the same Mike, I apologize for the confusion and thanks for your time.


Yeah, so the irony of all of this is that the hot dogs being grilled on a King Soopers shopping cart is a vision that  has never left me... I own a hot dog restaurant in Vegas.  I moved here in 1990 and there was no internet then so I didn’t have a way to get a hold of you.  But, years later, when you’re curious, you can Google Mike Michaels magic Vegas (because I remembered that you wanted to move here) and POOF!  There you are!  


Hope you are dogs cooking on a shopping cart changed my life forever!


Please visit Bob's hot dog restaurant

The Steamie Weenie in Henderson, NV.

steamie 5.jpg


This watch is a perfect fit for his story. Mike presented him with this watch as a gift in November, 2020.

hour glass 2.jpg

Shaun Jay is a young and upcoming magician from North Carolina. You may have seen him on Masters of Illusion. I have helped him out here in Las Vegas in the past with building some parts of his show and he has now become one of the providers of some of the 3D printed materials I need for my watches. The reason for the hourglass watch for him is because he has a large hourglass that appears and floats around in his magic act.

hour glass 3.jpg
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