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About Us

Chrono Lab is created by a magician, creator, builder and performer, Mike Michaels, the world’s only Mechanical Magician.


In a performance which combines his robotic movements, state of the art mechanical electronics, and a staggering bombardment of cartoon sound effects, he creates the unusual imagery of a Living Robotic Magician. Mike spent over 5000 hours of research and development to update his original, award-winning act, Mike’s body blows up revealing his moving robotic skeleton, creating the world’s most original display of special effects and magic, live on stage.


Mike was the winner of the “Siegfried & Roy’s Golden Lion’s Head”, one of the most prestigious awards for magicians.  Mike has been a featured performer in such acclaimed Las Vegas shows as the “Follies Bergere” at the Tropicana Hotel, and “SPLASH” at the Riviera Hotel.


Having performed at a ROYAL VARIETY PERFORMANCE for Princess Diana and Prince Charles as well as other royalties around the world, he has earned the nickname “Favorite Amongst Royalty”.  


After a successful career traveling the world over 50 countries as a magician, Mike started building his own line of products in 2009. His focus is to design, create and fabricate visually stunning and extremely detailed magic equipment.


In 2019, Chrono Lab was born. “It’s not about time.” as a concept, Chrono Lab’s unique watch design combines customizable interior pieces with a wristwatch. Chrono Lab watches are miniature display cases on your own wrists. Think of them as a piece of accessories you can wear.

To learn more about Mike's performing and building career,

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